Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My piece in Science Progress on Sex Ed in MS, published 2/14/12 (just in time for Valentine's day)

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I put out a piece yesterday in Science Progress on the topic of sex education in Mississippi.  The editors timed it nicely to come out on Valentine's Day.  The piece spreads the word about a study that came out at the end of 2011 showing the strong acceptance of comprehensive sex education in the state.  Unfortunately, policy on this issue significantly lags behind the people's wishes for change.

See my piece on the Science Progress Web site here.

Repost of Continuum's Philosophy Blog

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Here's a post on Continuum's Philosophy Blog that came out today:

2011 Public Philosophy Op-Ed Contest

American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Public Philosophy is still accepting submissions for its 2011 Op-Ed Contest. This year they are giving out up to 5 awards for standout pieces that blend successfully philosophical argumentation with an Op-Ed writing style.
Eric Thomas Weber, Chair of the APA’s Committee on Public Philosophy and author of our Rawls, Dewey, and Constructivism(2010) and Morality, Leadership, and Public Policy (2011) describes the award as a way to call attention to a valuable practice at which philosophers often excel. He writes that “Philosophers frequently make important contributions to public discourse, yet these are rarely rewarded in the profession. Through competitions like this one, the committee offers professional recognition and encouragement for this underappreciated yet much needed form of philosophical activity.” You can visit Eric’s website here or follow him on Twitter here.
The deadline for submissions and nominations is April 20th, 2012. For more information about the contest and guidelines, download the full announcement flyer. To learn more about the APA’s Committee on Public Philosophy and their activities, visit their website.

Continuum's Philosophy blog is available here and the post I've shared with you here is available on their site here.