Monday, February 17, 2014

UPDATES: Discount and Book Proposal Potential

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I was having a look back at some posts and wanted to let readers know about two updates.

New Discount Code

Image which reads "Now available at 30% discount"
The first one is that the 20% discount code I wrote about in an earlier post, for Democracy and Leadership, for whatever reason stopped working. The good news is that there's now a new discount code, and instead of 20%, it gives you 30% off when you buy directly from the publisher's Web site.

The code is:

The Web site where you'll find the book, click "order," and soon have an opportunity to put in the code is here:

If you want to download and/or print an Adobe PDF flyer with this information and more about the book, click here.

Next Book Proposal News Coming Soon

Thumbnail photo of the University Press of Mississippi's logo
I've gotten promising word of editorial support for releasing a new short book, based on the last chapter of Democracy and Leadership. The last chapter is an extended application of my theory of democratic leadership to Mississippi, and so the book might be titled Democracy and Leadership in Mississippi. I should hear soon about whether it will be published by the University Press of Mississippi. The press generally focuses most on literature and history, but it devotes some significant attention to Mississippi-related work. So, they seemed like the natural fit for such a project.

I'm grateful to my editors at Lexington Books, who gave me permission to republish material from chapter 9 of Democracy and Leadership. Of course, updating, extension, and additions went into reformatting the chapter into a short book. Each of the long sections of the chapter is now a chapter of its own in the new book, and I've added material necessary to capture in short the nature of the theory I've laid out in the longer book.

If the project is accepted, I've got an exciting and great person willing to write the Foreword for the book. I couldn't be happier about that. I'll tell you more about this soon, as I might know in the next four days.


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  1. Discounts are best way to have attention of customers and why not? It boosts your sales and creates awareness. Good post, thank you for sharing it

  2. 30% discount? Woha… It looks really good, going to avail this offer and also going to share it with my circle of friends so that they can get benefit out of it. Thanks